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Welcome to Tim DeKay Daily!

Every day one of the mods will post a picture, video, or some other form of media. The rest is up to you! We accept icons, vids, picspams, interviews, graphics, casting info, and fanmixes. However we ask that you do NOT post fanfiction as we do not want the community to become over-saturated with that.


o1) NO HOTLINKING! Save all pictures posted and upload to your own server.

o2) All spoilers are to go behind a cut. For older stuff like 'Carnivale' it is up to your discretion, however any potential spoilers or episode information for new episodes of 'White Collar' MUST go behind a cut.

o3) Icon previews should contain no more than THREE icons. Please put the rest behind a cut or a link to the full post.

o4) Also, if you are posting multiple pictures please use only ONE as a preview and put the rest behind a cut. Same goes for any oversize images (anything bigger than 500w X 400h), video, or large amounts of text (such as an interview).

o5) Please tag your post appropriately! If you are unsure what tag to use just mention it and a mod will help you out.

o6) If you are posting a fanmix or other downloads of any kind, please post them as "members only".

o7) NO DRAMA LLAMAS! This means no bashing (other members or celebrities) or generally being a d-bag. We're all here to have fun and squee over Tim, let's be nice and do just that :D


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